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4 Alloy Wheel Care Tips To Help You Avoid Repair In Melbourne

Alloy wheel repair is not something that most of us Melbourne residents are equipped to deal with on our own, as those of us who wish to keep our wheels looking their absolute best and functioning at peak capacity will often look for more proactive methods of care that allow us to steer clear of alloy wheel repair related issues in the Melbourne region (pun definitely intended.)

Let's take a closer look at a few helpful tips that are designed to keep your automobile looking sharp and keep you from having to spend an unnecessary amount of money on alloy wheel repair in Melbourne.

Don't Rely on Car Washes

While it might be easier to simply let a car wash handle our wheels for us, the alloy wheel requires some special tender loving care from its owner. Did you know that the alignment rails at the majority of car washes are designed in a manner that is not conducive to the long term health and safety of your alloy wheels? The wheels can easily become damaged as a result of their exposure to these rails.

For a premium wheel, you need to rely on premium care and the local car wash simply isn't going to cut it. In order to get the best out of your alloy wheels and avoid cumbersome and costly repairs, you'll need to read on and learn more about the proper way to care for your wheels by hand.

Cool Your Wheels Before Washing

Something as simple as washing your wheels before they have even had a chance to cool can do serious damage to them over the course of the long haul. If you are planning on using soap to keep your alloy wheels in tip top shape, be sure to cool them down with plain water beforehand. Washing the wheels while they are still hot can cause major corrosion, in addition to a number of other major issues that only expensive repairs can resolve.

Thoroughly Clean Wheels Before Washing

Don't make the mistake of simply tossing some plain water onto the wheels before washing them and calling it a day. Corrosion can also be caused for various forms of contamination that make their way onto the wheel during natural usage. Be sure to clean off the road salt, brake lining dust and dirt that has collected on the wheel before washing it.

Use Acid Free Cleaners

If you are using cleaners for your wheels that contain any amount of acid whatsoever, you need to cease this practice immediately. Any cleaner that utilizes acids for cleaning purposes will only serve to hasten the decline of your wheels and cause you to require repairs more rapidly.

By following these simple tips for your alloy wheel care, you are able to avoid the annoyances associated with tracking down the proper repair technicians in the Melbourne region. Being proactive when it comes to the health of our automobiles is very important and by using the correct cleaning methods, we are able to avoid long term issues.


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